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At 3D Scanners we offer a 3d scanning service in our dedicated bureau. We have been in the 3d scanning business for 18 years and we were one of the first businesses of its type. We believe that our knowledge and experience allows us to achieve the best results.

We have many 3d scanners in-house, from a selection of manufacturers. This enables us to offer on-site or customer site 3d scanning at your convenience, using the best hardware for your project.


The following types of 3d scanning are available at 3D Scanners;

3D Laser Scanning

  • Can be used in virtually any indoor lighting condition
  • Can be used to scan parts of any material, colour or lustre
  • Provides excellent depth resolution to measure features


3D Optical Scanning

  • Fast when measuring parts with no complex features
  • Eye safe


Long Range Scanning
  • Achieve a greater reach due to emitting very small, precisely focused beams that travel a long distance


The data captured by any of the 3d scanning systems listed above can be used for visual reference, reverse engineering, inspection or rapid prototyping.

We have a secure FTP site so that our customers can download their 3d scanning data quickly and easily.


If you would like a quotation for our 3d scanning services please fill out the quotation form on the quote page. The information you supply us with on the form allows us to understand your project and the best 3d scanning system to use. You can also call us on 03330 300 300 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about 3d scanning.

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