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Case Studies

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We regularly work with clients across a wide range of industries including the automotive, aerospace, heritage, medical, animation, military, design, fashion, energy & telecommunications sectors.

Here you’ll find our case studies, which include details of the technology used to deliver the solution in question.

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Baby Face New

3D Scanners create a 3d model of babys face for partially sighted mother.

Benarrow Compressed

3D Scanners help with the development of the Benarrow.

Blade Casestudy New

3d scanning in the turbine blade industry.

Cannon Casestudy

Inspection of a 1807 cannon from wreck.


Long range scanning St Michaels Cathedral ruins.

Fossil New

3D Scanners scan and mesh fossil.

Grovely Wood Compressed

3D Scanners help reduce Grovely Woods production time.

NGV1 Digital

3D Scanners inspect an NGV using PolyWorks.

Rush Casestudy

PolyWorks used for the film Rush.

Spaceplanning Casestudy Compressed

3D Scanners provide 3d model for spaceplanning.

Clay Pipe Compressed

3D Scanners provide a 3d model of clay pipe for 3d print.

Hero Prop Designs Compressed

3D Scanners do work for comic relief.

Student Car Case Studies

3D Scanners help Mdes transport design student.

3D Scanners work with Seymour Powell.

3D Scanners work with Seymour Powell.

3D Scanners help Postworks Media to CGI to the next level.

3D Scanners help Postworks Media to CGI to the next level.

King Tiger Tank Case study

3D Scanners reverse engineer King Tiger Tank Transmission.

3D Scanners Compressor cab case study

3D Scanners create 3d model for Compressor cab cooling strategies.

Randle Consulting Case study

3D Scanners help Randle Consulting with BMW & Merc suspension R&D

Key Case Study

3D Scanners replicate a key from the 1700’s using PolyWorks Software

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