PolyWorks used for the film Rush

PolyWorks used to re-create Niki Lauda’s Ferrari for Ron Howard’s New Film RUSH

At the beginning of the project there was no original car available to scan, so in order to get the project underway, scale models of the cars were scanned.

After the data had been processed using PolyWorks software an original chasis of the 312T/312T2
became available. The key location points on the chasis were probed allowing 3D Scanners to scale the processed polygon mesh of the car so that it would match the probed locations exactly. Once 3D Scanners were happy with the model, crosssections were then taken using PolyWorks Inspector.

Above: Screenshots showing the cross sections in PolyWorks software. Left: The clay

A full scale clay was created from our model and the original chasis, in order to produce a breglass
body. An aluminium front and rear wing was produced from the PolyWorks cross-sectional data. The project was then complete.