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16th June 2022 | 10:00
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Let's make your data more valuable than ever before.

Work as we know it continues to evolve uniting people, teams and systems across a digital platform. But transforming processes too quickly can disrupt operations and hinder productivity.

Discover how best to deploy a gradual transition towards achieving the digitalisation of your 3D measurement processes, and champion efficiency gains every step of the way!

Join us as we discuss how the latest innovations in PolyWorks will empower you and your company in building smarter, faster and easier solutions to make your 3D measurement data more valuable than ever before.

Join us for The PolyWorks Conference Live 2022 on Thursday 16th June

  • Experience a reimagined way to work in action. Get the scoop on creating success in a digitalised world.
  • Reclaim your productive time with these simple strategies to cut out 'busywork' and share information quickly, courtesy of PolyWorks.
  • Hone your PolyWorks skills with personal insights from our product experts.

The biggest part of our digital transformation is changing the way we think

Simeon Preston
The PolyWorks Conference Live 2022
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Schedule at a glance

16 June | The PolyWorks Conference Live 2022

10:00 - 12:15
  • — The full schedule will be released soon, keep an eye on social media follow all our updates!


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