What’s new in PolyWorks|DataLoop™ 2023


Interconnect PolyWorks|DataLoop to your corporate identity server

Identity servers are the key components of IT infrastructure that store user credentials and authenticate user access. PolyWorks® now supports Azure AD and the SAML 2.0 authentication protocol to interconnect the PolyWorks|DataLoop data management solution to your corporate identity server, empowering your organisation to:

  • Easily share 3D measurement data internally by implementing single sign-on enterprisewide
  • Enable concurrent engineering and accelerate the root-cause analysis of assembly issues by allowing external suppliers to save their 3D measurement data into your database
  • Deliver 3D measurement data and results digitally to customers or service partners

Manage a large number of inspections from your production

Store up to one million measured pieces sampled from a production line within a single inspection project and:

  • Search and open any measured piece as quickly as if it was the last one measured
  • Monitor dimensional trends over a longer time span


    Navigate inspection data using smart catalogs

    Quickly organise search results into logical categories:

    • Accelerate searches by displaying inspection projects in a meaningful hierarchy, based on user-selected metadata
    • Explore inspection results efficiently by reviewing properties, statistics, alerts, and reports without ever opening projects
    • Share structured search results with colleagues through hyperlinks


    Monitor your production’s dimensional trends at a glance

    Display hundreds of charts at once and:

    • Track the status of all measurements simultaneously
    • Visualise the global performance of the complete inspection


    Resolve manufacturing failures faster

    Automatically find the root causes of issues by performing statistical analyses of associations and:

    • Identify the factors that truly impact production quality
    • Review results presented in plain language with clear graphical aids
    • Ensure valid results through adequate sampling