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InnovMetric Release PolyWorks® 2017

PolyWorks 2017 delivers a new dimensional-control-centric workflow that enables measurement specialists to communicate inspection results directly in 3D, and empowers reviewers to investigate measurement results with dynamic navigation tools.

PolyWorks 2017

PolyWorks 2017 delivers a new control-centric reviewing workflow. This is a key upgrade for all portable metrology and CNC CMM measurement specialists that need to share large metrology projects, containing hundreds of dimensional and GD&T controls, with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. It also provides a major technology upgrade for large-volume metrology applications, and a unique approach to real-time collision analysis for more efficient CNC CMM project setups.

With the new dimensional-control-centric approach in PolyWorks 2017, the PolyWorks|Inspector™ 3D metrology project is the report! Portable metrology and CNC CMM measurement specialists can now communicate results directly in 3D, empowering reviewers to investigate results contextually in 3D with dynamic navigation tools, with considerable gains in productivity are guaranteed.

Using the new Control Reviewer in PolyWorks|Inspector™ or the free PolyWorks|Viewer™, measurement and manufacturing specialists can now:

  • Access a global list of dimensional controls sorted by characteristic index, making it the ideal tool to prepare first-article inspection reports.
  • Add custom controls to the global list of controls; for example, those measured using manual gauges.
  • Easily split an inspection project into small and logical groups of controls called Control Views.
  • Tie individual controls to specific data alignments and coordinate systems, enabling multicontextual Control Views.
  • Search, sort, and filter controls to highlight critical results.
  • Display control views automatically in 3D with the right point of view.
  • Generate formatted reports automatically.
PolyWorks 2017 CMM

Collision analysis in real time

Measurement specialists who define probing and laser scanning paths on CNC CMMs now have access to a collision analysis engine that detects potential tool collisions with the part or the fixtures, and provides visual feedback on problematic tool paths in the Sequence Editor and the 3D Scene.

Thanks to two major innovations, the PolyWorks collision analysis approach stands out from competing CMM software products:

  • Collision analysis is carried out in real time while the measurement sequence is created or edited. This allows operators to immediately fix problematic tool paths and avoid accumulating issues.
  • Collision analysis is performed both offline and online, and warns users about potential collisions even when they launch a measurement operation outside of the Sequence Editor. Traditionally, in other software, this feature is offered solely as an offline functionality.

Multi-CMM management

PolyWorks 2017 efficiently handles multi-CMM setups that are typically found in the automotive industry:

  • The mirroring tool allows users to automatically create a right measurement sequence from a left measurement sequence, cutting in half the time needed to prepare an inspection project for a full car body assembly.
  • Synchronisation operations can be inserted into a sequence to share measured object components among PolyWorks|Inspector™ sessions running on multiple computers, enabling operators to use features on the left and right sides when aligning a part to its CAD model.

Portable Metrology

PolyWorks 2017 meets the requirements of the most demanding large-volume metrology applications by facilitating the execution of large measurement projects that are typical to the aerospace, shipyard, and power generation industries.

A powerful part-alignment technique for large structures

  • Align points to geometrical characteristics of matched objects, such as center points, axes, or surfaces.
  • Easily match either the measured and nominal components of an object or the components supplied by two distinct objects.
  • Control the alignment direction, weight, and participation to the scaling factor computation for each pair of matched geometries.

Concurrent connections to multiple laser trackers

  • Predefine and configure a list of trackers.
  • Connect to multiple trackers simultaneously, and select one active tracker to measure objects.
  • With multiple trackers connected, switch the active tracker instantaneously.
  • Guide assembly building through real-time measurements with all connected trackers feeding measured reflector positions to Digital Readouts in parallel.
PolyWorks 2017 Laser Tracker

Additional Flexibility for Surface features

  • Probe a surface feature before its nominal component is defined or the part is aligned to CAD
  • Probe measurement points directly within surface features and increase significant performance when acquiring thousands of surface points.

Download the PolyWorks Latest Release Brochure here

PolyWorks 2017 Surface Features
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