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PolyWorks Support FAQ’s

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PolyWorks Support FAQ’s

PolyWorks System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements*
Recommended System Requirements*


Available Single-Point Measuring Device Plug-ins
Available Point Cloud Digitising Device Plug-ins


Supported Languages


Supported Point Cloud File Formats
Unorganised Point Clouds
Line Scans
Spherical Grids
Supported CAD File Formats
Supported Polygonal Model File Formats

Dongle Insurance

Dongle Insurance

PolyWorks Help Files

Your Help Files


Is it possible to zoom on a particular area in the 3D scene using the mouse wheel?
Yes. Hold the SHIFT key while you roll with the mouse wheel and the zoom will be performed at the pointer position.


I have problems displaying graphical information and the mouse operations do not seem to work as expected. What should I do?
The problem is very likely related to the video card setup. Make sure that the latest driver for the card is installed on the computer, reduce or disable the card’s hardware acceleration, and make sure the “Enable write combining” item is not set.

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