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What’s New in PolyWorks®?

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The worlds number one point cloud engineering solution in the manufacturing community is more flexible, more universal and more powerful than ever.

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New for 2015

Feature-based Inspection 2D
Feature Scanning Guidance
Productivity-related enhancements

Existing Features of PolyWorks® –

  • Real time quality meshing
  • Geometry Controls interface to add, configure, and review geometry controls for all measurement objects
  • Automatic reporting
  • Speech recognition
  • Two new major algorithmic capabilities: datum targets to construct GD&T feature control frames, and fitted sketch dimensions that capture design intent when reverse engineering a part
  • Efficient menu structure and file browsing experience
  • Enhanced management of CAD data, including the detection of sharp edge curves and fillet tangent curves, that facilitates the definition of nominal geometry
  • New Hemmed Edge comparison points for sheet metal analysis
  • New specialised part-to-CAD comparison algorithm for parts made of composite material (honeycomb)
  • Major enhancements to automatic feature curve fitting on point cloud datasets
  • New PolyWorks/Talisman™ intelligent remote control that brings
  • PolyWorks/Inspector in the palm of your hand while measuring on the shop floor
  • Parametric 2D sketching
  • Intelligent curve magnetization engine that allows editing a curve in a network of patches without losing patch topology information
  • New curve mathematical engine that produces smoother curves
  • Intuitive curve reshaping tool based on dragging and interactive fairing
  • Enhanced usability through simplified dialog boxes, less user-defined parameters, and improved terminology and workflows

Increase your productivity:

  • Customisable menus and toolbars;
  • Configure visual layouts;
  • Beginner visual layout available for quick learning;
  • New dialogue zone for popup interfaces;
  • Shop-floor ready interfaces ready in no time

Optimise your part inspection workflow:

Methodology for creating cross-sections that requires the least number of mouse clicks in the industry;

Feature based prismatic inspection workflow with:

  • Single-point-of-access creation interfaces for features;
  • Single-point-of-access interface for creating and editing dimensional and GD&T controls;
  • Direct GD&T callout editing;
  • Guided feature probing.
  • 64-bit platform.

Additional Capabilities

  • Cluster solution for meshing large point clouds over a computer network;
  • Powerful search tool for locating workspaces and projects;
  • Hole-filling technology – surpasses all existing products;
  • Polygon optimisation technique which creates equiangular meshes for simulation;
  • Improved fitting of NURBS surfaces;
  • First implementation of Multi Metrics’ Smart GD&T™ in coordinate metrology;
  • Aerofoil Gauge Module with best-in-class performance;
  • Clearance measurement on virtual assemblies
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