Automotive 3D Scanning

Automotive 3D Scanning
Automotive 3D Scanning

As a leading provider of 3D scanning services since 1998, 3D Scanners Ltd stays at the forefront of the industry with our skilled team of engineers and deep understanding of the field. We can gather detailed data for you and offer a variety of scanning or probing options to suit your unique needs, all while maintaining an objective and impartial approach.

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What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D laser scanning technology is revolutionising the automotive industry in ways we never thought possible. It's allowing us to take a closer look at vehicles and their parts so that we can make improvements in design, prototyping, reverse engineering, and quality control.

3D scanning is an efficient and accurate way of detecting a physical object’s exact size and shape as a 3D digital representation. A 3D scanning system will generate millions of points in space creating a 3D point cloud.

What is 3D Laser Scanning?

Thanks to 3D scanning technology, we no longer have to worry about capturing intricate shapes and surfaces.

Now, we can easily gather precise measurements, and with the help of software like PolyWorks®, we can quickly turn those measurements into detailed and accurate digital 3D models.

Reverse engineering: This is the process of acquiring design details from a pre-existing object. 3D scanning technology can generate an accurate digital model of a car part, which can be utilised to produce or modify the component. This approach has become increasingly favored in the automotive industry as it streamlines the manufacturing of replacement parts, redesigning of existing components, and creation of customised parts.

Vehicle customisation: One of the many benefits of using 3D scanning is vehicle customisation. Custom car parts and accessories can be created using the latest 3D scanning technology, which precisely fit with the original car design to improve its functionality and aesthetics. By creating custom parts with 3D scanning, manufacturers can provide customers with a unique and personalised driving experience.

Quality control and inspection: These are critical aspects of the manufacturing process, especially in the automotive industry. 3D scanning can be used to measure and compare a physical object to its original design or CAD model, allowing for precise quality control and inspection. With 3D scanning, car manufacturers can quickly identify deviations from the original design, thus reducing the chances of failure.

Design and prototyping: These are critical steps in creating new car models or customisations. Thanks to 3D scanning, designers can now create precise digital models of actual car parts. This enables them to test out new designs and modifications virtually before building them. With realistic simulations, designers can examine a model's performance, safety, and functionality, helping to save time and money in the long run.

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3D Scanning for Formula One teams

3D Scanners Ltd have helped racing teams utilise the cutting-edge technology of 3D scanning to gain a competitive edge. This technology allows them to delve deep into the inner workings of their race cars and gather detailed data on the shape and dimensions of key components such as aerodynamic parts and suspension components. With this information, teams can then use simulation and analysis to optimise the design of their cars and fix any errors.

3D Scanning for Formula One teams

This technology allows them to create precise digital models of existing parts which can be used for:

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Reverse engineering

  • Manufacturing

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3D Scanners Ltd, offer a wide range of technical services to optimise the incorporation of PolyWorks® software into the processes of our automotive customers. PolyWorks® is the market leader in point-cloud-based inspection and analysis for the automotive industry since 2001. PolyWorks® is the industry’s standard portable metrology for major automotive OEMs and tier-one suppliers.


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    With over two decades of expertise in 3D data processing, we provide measurement solutions while adhering to our customer-focused approach.

  • Best hardware, best result

    Best hardware, best result

    Our hardware-neutral approach means we maintain a non-biased, impartial perspective, enabling us to select the most suitable hardware for the task at hand.

  • PolyWorks® Experts

    PolyWorks® Experts

    As experts in PolyWorks®, we are dedicated to providing exceptional results. Being the primary UK distributor, we have a thorough understanding of the software.

<p><strong>Don’t just take our word for it. Learn more about our 3D scanning, inspection, reverse engineering, and bureau services that we have provided for satisfied customers who continue to use our 3D Scanners for their measurement needs. </strong></p>

Don’t just take our word for it. Learn more about our 3D scanning, inspection, reverse engineering, and bureau services that we have provided for satisfied customers who continue to use our 3D Scanners for their measurement needs.

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