PolyWorks® Consultancy

PolyWorks® Consultancy
PolyWorks® Consultancy

Make life easier with PolyWorks® Consultancy.

We have developed a range of services designed to enhance your understanding and help you take full advantage of your PolyWorks® software and its capabilities.

Our aim is simple: assist you in boosting efficiency and productivity to ultimately improve profitability.

1. Manufacturing Process Review

Our Manufacturing Process Review consultancy service helps you get to grips with your software on a practical level. We have specialist PolyWorks® Engineers who are on-hand to offer great advice, using industry knowledge to advance your current processes and improve productivity.

1. Manufacturing Process Review

Finding Solutions for your Metrology Needs.

As trusted professionals, we use our expertise to analyse, implement and monitor frameworks developing solutions to optimise your profits, revenues and market performance. The Manufacturing Process Review Service can help you to:

Integrate your measurement techniques as native PolyWorks | Inspector™ measurement methods

Provide additional measurement guidance to quality control operators with enhanced measurement feedback;

Integrate additional measurement devices, such as digital measurement gauges;

Benefit from the standard measurement workflow, while relying on the powerful and reliable standard PolyWorks | Inspector™ components to guide operators, play inspections, update projects, and report results.

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2. Onsite PolyWorks® Contractor

If you’re a User down or need an extra pair of hands during a busy period, don’t worry - we’ve got it covered. Avoid a decline in productivity by outsourcing to one of our specialist PolyWorks® Engineers.

2. Onsite PolyWorks® Contractor

Our PolyWorks® Contractors can:

  • Deliver onsite or offsite measurement plans / programmes

  • Supply onsite or offsite PolyWorks® Engineers

  • Complete the work for you - just send us the parts and we’ll do the rest

Hire a PolyWorks® Contractor

Why hire a PolyWorks® Contractor?

  • Expertise


    Our Engineers specialise in PolyWorks® software so there is no need for training - after all, it is our job to know the software inside out.

  • Flexible


    Our PolyWorks® Engineers are always happy to help and can be available with short notice, for any length of contract.

  • Simple


    The ability to hire a PolyWorks® Contractor is designed for convenience - just tell us what, where and when.

3. Macro Creation

Macro writing and interface customisation is essential for speeding up production by reducing the numbers of keystrokes required to perform common commands. We can ensure your projects run with the greatest efficiency and eliminate the chance of human error.

Ultimately, these can be developed to run within any chosen PolyWorks® module. We can also update and adapt already existing macros so that they are fully functioning within the latest version of PolyWorks®.

Macro creation can take place either onsite or here at 3D Scanners UK, this is largely dependent on the complexity of the macro required.

3. Macro Creation
<p>If you can’t find what you’re looking for, request support <br />
from our team of expert Engineers who are always happy to help.</p>

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, request support
from our team of expert Engineers who are always happy to help.

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Don’t just take our word for it, our consultancy service has helped many customers requiring additional practical support.

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