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What is 3D scanning?

3D scanning is a process which involves taking a physical object and accurately measuring it. The scan data is made up of millions of points which together form a point cloud of the object on screen. This point cloud can then be used to traditionally either inspect or reverse engineer the part.

Who benefits?

Primarily, If you work within manufacturing and have a physical part which requires either checking against CAD or you need to make design alterations to the CAD following prototype, then this process will help you.

More specifically, the following check list may help in your decision as to whether 3D scanning will help in your design to manufacture process:

  1. Do you have issues with accuracy, ie do the measurements of the physical part not match your CAD, or vice versa?
  2. Do you work with complex shapes?
  3. Do you work with small components where both internal and external dimensions are required?
  4. Do you need to design your part around another manufacturer’s parts?
  5. Do you ever need to check the design of clays or prototypes?
  6. Do you ever need to make design alterations to CAD following prototype?
  7. Do you work with legacy parts, where you have inaccurate or no CAD data?
  8. Do you ever need to produce CAD data from a physical object, ie artifacts

If these are issues in your process, then we should be able to help you, however large or small your part is, and however complex the problems you have.

Does it matter what my part is made of?

No, almost anything can be scanned as the systems we mainly use are non-contact. If we have a digital picture of the part prior to quotation, then we will let you know if we have any concerns.

Will the scanning damage my part?

No, the scanners are completely safe, even for your eyes.

How much do your services cost?

Our scanning services generally vary in price depending on what type of work we will be doing for you, where we will be doing it and how complex the part is. We will produce a quote for you within hours, and if urgent, we will accommodate you more quickly if at all possible.

How do I know whether my part is complex or simple?

Complexity is determined by a number of factors. Size, shape, desired output, undercuts, etc. all affect how complex the object is.

Can you scan at my premises?

Absolutely. We have carried out scanning projects throughout the UK as well as some international projects for our clients. We will also carry out scanning at our premises if it is possible to get the object to us. Our address is on the contact us page.

Do you provide training?

Yes. If you require assistance using your own scanning system we can provide advice on how to use a range of scanning systems and associated software.

Do you sell scanning systems?

No. We were amongst the first companies in the UK to sell scanning systems but as the range of equipment grew we felt limited from being tied to one or two manufacturers. That’s why we decided to become hardware neutral and concentrate on providing a range of scanning services to our customers where we can use the most appropriate scanning system to meet their requirements.

Why should I choose 3D Scanners?

3D Scanners (UK) has been in the industry for over 18 years and is pleased to be the only hardware neutral company in the UK, offering exceptional service to its customers. The specialised bureau service enjoys an unrivalled reputation in the market and possesses a dedicated and highly skilled data processing team. Having access to a wide range of systems enables 3D Scanners (UK) to use the most appropriate solution for you. This in turn provides a flexible and cost efficient service.

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