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Long Range Scanning

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Long range scanning is used for collecting large scale areas and structures, such as planes, bridges, power plants, tunnels, entire buildings, factories, marine ships & crime scene forensics, just to name a few.

The size of the specimen being 3D scanned is no longer limited to the directional travel of a machine, or the reach of an arm. Scans can be taken anywhere, at virtually any time.

Using the highly accurate 3D scan data generated with 3D scanning, you are able to view the data as a point cloud but we can also create a fully parametric cad model in almost any native format (SolidWorks, Pro-Engineer, CATIA, UG, IDEAS, DXF, DWG, IGES, ASCII).

Accuracy of our long range scanner is +/- 3mm.

Space Planning – Many of our customers ask us to scan and 3d model the interior of a new factory they have recently aquired. Making space planning a much more economical process than if you were to use traditional methods.

Films & Games Developer Industry – Customers ask us to scan buildings for use in CGI , usually a polygon mesh .stl is supplied.

Benefits of Long Range Scanning:

  • On-site 3D scanning that is virtually unlimited in size.
  • Rapid capture of a large area whilst retaining accuracy.
  • Long range scanning functions in virtually any environment including broad daylight, the dark of night, indoors, and outdoors.

If you would like to read more about Long Range Scanning projects, please read the case studies below:


Cathedral Long Range Scanning case study

Cathedral Long Range Scanning Case Study

Spaceplanning Casestudy Compressed

Space Planning Long Range Scanning Case Study

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