Metrology Services

Metrology Services

We believe in the power of 3D data, the ability to produce information that will increase productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Our metrology solutions put your needs first. We combine market leading measurement equipment with industry knowledge and a wealth of experience across multiple sectors to provide you with precision and excellence.

Metrology Services

The Process

Our range of metrology services are designed to assist you at any point in your project and are tailored entirely to your specific needs.

You simply pick and mix the processes you require assistance with and let us do the rest.

Our Processes

  • 3D Scanning

    3D Scanning

    We scan and probe

    Our 3D scanning services offer tailored measurement solutions that allow us to obtain data for whatever your purpose may be.

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  • Part inspection

    Part inspection

    We calculate the deviation

    We provide an inspection service that measures the deviation of your components from nominal.

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  • Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering

    We create your CAD

    Where there is no CAD, drawings or known dimensions, our Reverse Engineering service provides you with CAD surfaces or solid models from scan data.

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If you need assistance in deciding which service is right for you, we will always advise you on the most cost-effective option.

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Why use these processes?

Valuable data can deliver strategic advantages for all stages of the manufacturing process, from supporting research & development, through to aiding competitor benchmarking and optimising product design & manufacturing.

Our metrology services will help you to achieve the 3D data you require, speeding up lead times and reducing costs to ultimately improve your productivity.

Why use these processes?

Why Choose 3D Scanners UK?

  • Experienced

    Over 20 years’ experience working with 3D data processes, finding measurement solutions whilst upholding our customer-centric philosophy in all that we do.

  • Best hardware, best result

    Our hardware neutral stance means we operate a non-bias, impartial outlook, allowing us to simply use the best type of hardware for the job.

  • PolyWorks® Experts

    As the Master Distributor for PolyWorks® we know the software inside out, delivering the results you need in the highest standards.

  • Professional

    We are industry experts in providing fast, flexible and comprehensive Inspection, Reverse Engineering and 3D Scanning services.

  • Relevant

    Due to the accuracy, reliability and traceability of data, these measurement solutions can be deployed for use in many industries including aerospace, automotive, heritage, defence & marine.

  • Convenient

    Our specialist team of Engineers can capture complex free-form surface geometries, providing you with the vital information required to refine production processes, improve product efficiency and assist product design.

  • Flexible

    We can carry out our services onsite at your premises or in-house at our measurement facility, reducing your downtime whilst increasing your output.

  • Global

    Our services are far-reaching and have been outsourced to multiple countries around the world, including China, Kenya, Spain, Germany, Tanzania, Nigeria, Egypt, the USA, the UAE, France and Belgium.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We see a project through until completion, guaranteeing the measurement solutions you require.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read more about our metrology solutions including the Inspection, Reverse Engineering & 3D Scanning services we have completed for other customers who continue to employ 3D Scanners UK in achieving their measurement solutions.

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The Hardware

Our 3D scanning services offer measurement solutions for any situation, regardless of size, shape or the accuracy required.

We have access to the most up-to-date measurement and scanning technology available and with most hardware being portable, we can carry out onsite measurement allowing us to provide results as soon as data acquisition is complete.

The Hardware
  • Contact based scanning

    Using a probe or reflector on devices such as fixed Co-ordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs) or portable CMMs (arm based systems or linked to a trackers), a 3D point cloud is produced by moving the probe or reflector over the object to create a point.

  • Best hardware, best result

    Using laser triangulation to generate points from a surface, these scanners can even attach to co-ordinate devices such as arm based systems, trackers or CMMs

  • Arm based systems

    With fixed lengths, these systems can track the position and angle at the end of the arm which could have a probing device and/or a 3D laser scanning device attached to generate point data with.

  • Tracker based systems

    Uses either reflective targets or lasers to track the position of either a probing or 3D laser scanning device to generate point data over a larger area.

  • Structured light

    Structured-light 3D scanners project a pattern of light onto the subject which is captured by a camera by focusing on the deformation of the pattern projected on the surface of the subject.

  • Other non-contact systems

    Include X-ray or CT which can be used to create the 3D point cloud inside and out of the part, for inspection or reverse engineering.

  • Long range scanners

    Using laser triangulation in a 360-degree rotation to generate points for 3d scanning large objects, ideally used for architecture, construction, heritage, civil engineering and surveying.

  • Off-line Programming by simulation

    Used to create measurement programs offline by simulating virtual machines and using reference models.

Learn more about our partnerships with 3D measurement hardware vendors to see the equipment we are used to working closely with.

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