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3D Scanners UK has been a leading provider of 3D scanning services since 1998, keeping ahead with our expertise, knowledge and understanding of the industry. Our team of specialist Engineers can capture and provide you with valuable data in any detail, granting you the ability to perform numerous engineering activities.

Operating a non-bias, impartial outlook, we simply offer the right solution for your specific needs using a range of scanners or probing devices varying in accuracies, resolution and speed of capture.

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What is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is a fast and accurate way of capturing a physical object’s exact size and shape as a digital 3D representation. A 3D scanning system will collect millions of points in space creating a 3D point cloud.

Once there is a digital record of the object, the data acquired can be used for many purposes including Part Inspection and Reverse Engineering. This will ultimately support your quality inspection, product design optimisation & manufacture, competitor bench-marking, stress & performance analysis, data archiving and numerous other processes.

In addition to our 3D scanning services, we also provide the relevant follow-on actions designed to meet all your 3D metrology needs.

What is 3D Scanning?
  • Part Inspection

    Part Inspection

    We calculate the deviation

    We provide an inspection service that measures the deviation of your components from nominal.

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  • Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering

    Need help Reverse Engineering your part?

    Where there is no CAD, drawings or known dimensions, our reverse engineering service provides you with CAD surfaces or solid models from scan data.

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3D scanning services we offer

We offer various types of contact and non-contact 3D scanning services, each varying on the project’s requirements. Using their expertise, our Engineers will advise you on the most cost-effective option that will provide you with the accuracy you require.

  • 3D scanning services we offer

    3D Laser Scanning

    A handheld 3D laser scanning device is used to project a laser which is swept over the surface of a part. A camera then measures the distance of the laser from the device, generating millions of points known as a point cloud. Point clouds contain information such as X, Y, Z positions of each point and usually include I, J, K directions of their normals.

  • 3D scanning services we offer

    Structured Light Scanning

    A static device projects a light and dark fringe pattern onto the surface of a part whilst a high-resolution camera captures the pattern as a point cloud. The device or part is then moved or rotated to another position where a further point cloud is captured and aligned to create a complete scan of the physical object.

  • 3D scanning services we offer

    Long Range Scanning

    A static device is used to measure and capture large objects as the size of the area or object being scanned is not limited to the directional travel of the system creating a point cloud. Multiple scans can be taken and aligned to create a complete scan of the area or object. As a result, scans can be taken anywhere at virtually any time.

    Long Range Scanning can be used for any large-scale project, from 3D laser scanning in construction to the scanning of structures.

  • 3D scanning services we offer

    Contact Scanning/Probing

    Contact scanning generally involves a probing device that is attached to either a portable or static co-ordinate measurement system (CMM). Here, the probing device can either probe single or a series of points across the part’s surface. The points generated can either be used as a generic point cloud, or specifically to define the geometry of the part such as planes, circles, cylinders etc. to measure the form, position, diameter, angles etc. of the geometric features.

  • 3D scanning services we offer

    Laser Trackers

    A static device sends and receives a single laser line via a rotating head, tracking either a sphere or a highly reflective cut out. The laser tracker can then track the position of either one of the two devices in 3D space, producing the ability to either probe points or scan point clouds.

  • 3D scanning services we offer

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