CMM Programming

CMM Programming Services
CMM Programming Services

Having over 20 years working within metrology, our team is established in delivering precision and efficiency through advanced CMM programming solutions. Using the power of PolyWorks® CMM software, we can provide the best CMM programming services and CMM training with unmatched accuracy and versatility.

What is a CMM Programmer?

CMM Programming involves creating a set of instructions for a Coordinate Measuring Machine to perform precise measurements on objects or components. These measurements are essential in quality control, product development, and manufacturing processes across various industries. Efficient CMM programming ensures that measurements are taken accurately, saving time and resources while maintaining the highest quality standards.

What is a CMM Programmer?

What do our CMM Programmers offer?

By partnering with our skilled team of CMM programmers, who are experts in utilising PolyWorks®, you can ensure a seamless and efficient workflow. Below are just some of the areas we can help you in:

Program Development:
Our CMM programmers will create measurement programs that instruct the CMM on how to inspect and measure your parts accurately and efficiently using PolyWorks software.

CAD Integration:
We work with CAD models to create measurement programs. We will import your CAD files into the CMM software to generate the necessary measurement paths and strategies.

Part Inspection:
Our team will set up your parts on the CMM machine and execute measurement programs to inspect your parts for dimensional accuracy, geometric tolerances, and other quality parameters.

Tool Selection:
We carefully select the most suitable measurement probes and accessories, taking into account your part's geometry, material properties, and required measurement precision.

If measurement errors or issues arise during the inspection process, our team can diagnose and resolve them, which may involve adjusting program parameters or identifying and rectifying machine-related problems.

We will maintain detailed records of your inspection results, measurement programs, and any adjustments made to the programs or CMM settings. Accurate documentation is essential for quality control and traceability.

CMM Training:
Our engineers can provide CMM training to operators or other team members on how to load parts, run measurement programs, and interpret measurement results.

Process Improvement:
We can work closely with quality control and manufacturing teams to identify opportunities for process improvement and suggest changes to reduce defects or enhance efficiency.

Data Analysis:
Our experts will analyse measurement data to identify trends, variations, and potential issues in the manufacturing process, contributing to continuous improvement efforts.

Our CMM programmers prepare reports summarising measurement results, highlighting any deviations from specifications, and providing recommendations for corrective actions.

Hire CMM Contractors

Our dedicated PolyWorks® engineers are ready to step in when you need them most. Whether you're dealing with unexpected personnel shortages or a surge in project demands, our team is here to provide the support you require. Our contractors are well-versed in the intricacies of PolyWorks®, a versatile and powerful metrology software. They understand how to maximise its capabilities to streamline CMM processes and optimise efficiency. With their expertise, you can count on accurate measurements, precise data analysis, and a smoother overall operation. We're here to ensure that your projects run seamlessly and that your standards of quality and productivity are consistently met, even during challenging times.

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Hire CMM Contractors

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise


    Our CMM programmers have extensive experience within the manufacturing industry, ensuring the best results.

  • Master Reseller of PolyWorks

    Master Reseller of PolyWorks

    Our Engineers specialise in PolyWorks® so there is no need for training - after all, it is our job to know the software inside out.

  • Customisation


    Each project is unique, so we customise our offline CMM programming solutions to precisely match your specific requirements and goals.

The Power of PolyWorks® CMM Software

PolyWorks|InspectorTM, renowned for its versatility and seamless integration with various CMM hardware, has revolutionised inspection projects with a high-productivity CNC CMM solution. Within its flexible and user-friendly operational paradigm, PolyWorks® simplifies setup and execution. Offering the market's most user-friendly offline sequencing workflow, we, as PolyWorks® experts, harness its robust features to deliver comprehensive CMM programming services.

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The Power of PolyWorks® CMM Software

Reduce the complexity of your CMM programming tasks:
PolyWorks will deliver shorter and easy-to-understand CNC CMM sequences, as their nominal features, dimensions, and reports are created and managed outside of the sequence editor.

Accelerate the sequencing process while staying in control:
Select objects to be measured and let the sequence editor automatically find the proper tool orientations, the optimal measurement order, and collision-free measurement paths.

Fix sequencing mistakes intuitively:
The intelligent sequence editor provides immediate feedback when illogical or incorrect operations are detected, and lets you repair detected mistakes in a single click.

Avoid potential collisions automatically:
PolyWorks offer powerful collision analysis and avoidance technologies that detect potential tool collisions in real time and automatically modify the toolpaths to prevent them.

Configure a CNC CMM sequence for any machine in your company:
Build your measurement sequence once for a specific CNC CMM configuration, then use the conversion tool to automatically adapt it to any CNC CMM brand or type.

Add measurement objects to a sequence effortlessly:
To perform additional measurements, just create and select new measurement objects and let the sequence editor optimally insert them within your CNC CMM sequence.

<p>For precise, efficient, and reliable offline CMM programming services using PolyWorks software, contact us today.</p>

For precise, efficient, and reliable offline CMM programming services using PolyWorks software, contact us today.

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