Are you PolyWorks DataLoop Ready?

PolyWorks DataLoop

Get to know PolyWorks DataLoop

Agile development requires teams to work together seamlessly. PolyWorks DataLoop brings people, tools and information together across a digital platform to foster cross-team collaboration and make achieving deadlines and goals easier than ever before (and in record time).

Thinking of making the jump to PolyWorks DataLoop? Here's a few things we think you may want to know to get PolyWorks DataLoop ready!

The Benefits of PolyWorks DataLoop

Engineering teams need to work quickly without compromising quality. PolyWorks DataLoop provides a digital first strategy to help teams effectively execute processes and boost productivity - here's how!

  • Automated file and folder management – by automating the handling of all your project files and folders, you can eliminate manual operations that might corrupt the data and cause unwelcome hiccups inevitably slowing things down (or even bringing them to a grinding halt).
  • Find projects and measured pieces easily – find and open archived projects and measured pieces effortlessly by searching them based on their properties, cutting out tedious manual operations.
  • Maximise data transfer speed – download and upload projects in a flash as a result of intelligent caching strategies and minimal data transfer techniques.
  • Manage inspection project permissions – control the access to your projects to protect templates from being overwritten or set up a restricted portal for external collaborators.
  • Review data through a web or mobile interface – reach colleagues who do not have access to PolyWorks or are not in front of their computers to review 3D measurement data collaboratively and quickly.
  • Benefit from SQL server’s encryption and security – protect sensitive data in your 3D measurement database using industry-standard encryption and security best practices.

Requirements for PolyWorks DataLoop

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 or later – a relational database management system with the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications.
  • SSL Certificate – issued from well-known certification authorities for HTTPS communication to the server.
  • Remaining system requirements can be found here.

Functionalities to Maximise PolyWorks DataLoop

  • Multiple Piece Inspection – inspect New Pieces to maximise the storage and convenience of having all your measurements saved and accessed from a simple interface as well as obtaining SPC results.
  • Workspace, Project and Report Properties – utilise metadata to maximise DataLoop’s search functionality and traceability.
  • Control Reviewer – expand and simplify viewing results through the DataLoop Web Interface with the help of Control Views.

If you're interested in deploying PolyWorks Dataloop as your data management solution, then get in touch with us here.