PolyWorks Tips & Tricks: The Best Of September

Our Best PolyWorks Tips From September

We're making it easier to achieve success with PolyWorks by pulling together our top tips from September to help Users get things done quicker, better and more efficiently.

Whether you're quite the PolyWorks Whiz or still finding your feet, we want to help make everyone's workday simpler and more pleasant, so we've created this overview of our top tips from September.

Transform everyday tasks with these simple strategies to cut out busywork and boost efficiency.

1. How to add specific tolerances to CAD surface

Make quick work of adding specific tolerances to CAD surfaces by following this neat tip, and see a pass and fail colour map of the scan data against the CAD model before your eyes.

2. How to switch between GD&T ISO and ASME standards

Measuring GD&T? Don't forget to set the correct standard you require in PolyWorks.

3. How to quickly adjust your colour scale values.

Quickly adjust the colour scale for your colour maps by adjusting the range limits on the fly or switching between custom and object tolerance colour conversions.

4. How to create Composite Datum Features

Correctly set up Composite Datums to match GD&T requirements with this handy tip.

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