Quickly Paste Images into Your Reports

PolyWorks|Inspector™ Tip

A good way to enhance the appearance of your inspection report is by adding custom images, such as drawing view snippets, a company logo, or a picture of the actual part. With PolyWorks® Metrology Suite 2019, you can quickly do this by pasting images from the clipboard directly into existing reports.

Step by step: To paste an image into a formatted report:

  1. Capture the desired image using your preferred software.
  2. Copy the image to the clipboard.
  3. Open the report to the desired page.
  4. In the Report Editor window, right-click over the page and click Paste on the shortcut menu that is displayed, or press Ctrl+V, and the image will appear, attached to the mouse pointer.
  5. Move the pointer to position the image, then click to paste it onto the page.