Simplify Linear Scan Path Creation

PolyWorks|Inspector™ Tip

When you create sequences to CNC scan just certain areas of large parts, one approach is to create a linear scan path for each area, which can result in a large number of steps. Starting with PolyWorks Metrology Suite 2018 IR9, you can scan all the different areas using a single scan path, and define segments where scanning is disabled that only serve to displace the machine. In this way, you can simplify sequence creation and maintenance by combining several steps into one, without sacrificing the measurement speed.

Step by step: To create a linear scan path containing segments where scanning is disabled:

  1. Make sure the desired CAD model is visible in the 3D Scene and the CNC CMM Scanner plug-in has been activated.
  2. Open the Scan dialog box.
  3. In the Parameters section, click the Create Path button. The Create Scan Path dialog box is displayed, and an interactive picking mode is launched.
  4. Set Type to Linear.
  5. Click on the CAD model to define a linear scan path. Clicking creates dark-blue segments that will be scanned and clicking while holding the CTRL key creates light-blue segments where scanning is deactivated.

Right-click to end the scan path and exit the interactive mode.