The Ultimate PolyWorks x CNC CMM Guide


PolyWorks x CNC CMM

Take a look at our top tips for using PolyWorks on a CNC CMM and navigate your software like a pro!

We’ve created this guide for any CNC CMM users who already use, or are considering making the switch to use, PolyWorks software. Here, you’ll find a combination of videos and webinars to help you on your journey in mastering smarter, more efficient working.

Setting collision and clearance zones

Setting collision and clearance zones is an essential part of any CMM operator's day. A software that understands the necessity of this process, but also facilitates an easy and simple way to do so is preferable for anyone. PolyWorks does just that. Offering a quick, hassle-free method, you can set these zones with just a few small steps - see just how easy it is in the below video:

Tool angles and orientation

The tool orientation grid and 3D view window in PolyWorks gives you a live, visual guide to help keep things simple when probing or scanning on a CNC CMM. Take a look for yourself in this PolyWorks tip:

Scanning and probing on a CMM

Did you know that with PolyWorks, there is no need to switch and swap between software when jumping from scanning to probing (and vice versa) on a CNC CMM? Not only does this save time, but it delivers a far smoother user experience. Find out how in the below video:

Auto path generation for probing

Increased automation from your software eliminates smaller, more repetitive (and somewhat boring) tasks to free up your time, which is better spent elsewhere. PolyWorks automatically optimises path creation for a more efficient workflow when probing on a CNC CMM - take a look at this tip to find out how:

Auto path generation for scanning

Similarly, PolyWorks offers the same ability to optimise paths when scanning on a CNC CMM to produce a more efficient workflow. Check out how with this super quick and easy tip:

Creating a basic workflow on CMM in PolyWorks – webinar

If you're starting out in PolyWorks, or just haven't got round to understanding its full capabilities then our "Creating a Basic Sequence on CNC CMM” webinar is perfect for you!

It's no secret that manually creating measurement sequences means that much of yours and your team's precious time is spent embroiled in tedious, repetitive tasks. So put your software to the test and experience the power of automation that PolyWorks software offers.

- Experience the most user-friendly sequencing available for CNC CMM.
- Witness the simplicity and ease of generating measurement sequences.
- Get an inside look at how to unlock greater speed, efficiency and productivity.

Things you'll learn:

- How to connect PolyWorks to a CNC CMM.
- How to generate features and their measurement options.
- The process of auto-generating a sequence from those features to efficiently measure the part.
- How to automatically add extra features within your measurement sequence to ensure optimal speed and accuracy.
- How to automatically add additional features to the end of a sequence with an optimised path.
- How to add and edit basic dimensions interactively.