Use PEM Tool Extensions to Properly Orient CNC CMM Scanners

PolyWorks Inspector™ Tip

When scanning, and the positioning of your laser line keeps you from correctly gathering high-density data on curved areas, you may have to reorient your part on the CMM table, which is time consuming and raises part alignment issues. The CNC CMM plug-in in PolyWorks|Inspector now supports PEM tool extensions that allow positioning scanners in rotated orientations that are otherwise impossible to configure. With this expanded ability, you can define optimal scan paths that gather quality, high-density data without adjusting the way the part is mounted on the table.

Step by step: To configure a PEM ASSY L25 tool extension:

  1. From the Devices toolbar, choose the CNC CMM plug-in.
  2. From the Probing Device toolbar, click the Device Properties button .
  3. From the Probing Device Properties window displaying your CNC CMM configuration, click the Tools tab and then the Create button on the tab’s vertical toolbar. The Create Tool window is displayed.
  4. Select and add the desired PEM ASSY L25 extension to rotate the scanner by a 30°, 60°, or 90° angle in the clockwise (CW) or anticlockwise (ACW) direction.
  5. Select and add other assembly parts, including the corresponding scanner, then click the Create

NOTE: When configuring the tool changer, the extension and the components following the extension must use the same tool changer port.