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We believe in the power of 3D measurement data through advanced 3D scanning and PolyWorks® software.

That’s why we are devoted to providing the best home for your metrology & 3D scanning software. As the Master Distributor for PolyWorks® software in the UK and Eire, we offer services designed to meet all your PolyWorks® needs because we simply want to help you achieve the full potential of your data. Since 1998, our goal has been clear: to uphold a customer-centric philosophy, providing you with the best experience and going the extra mile.


What is Polyworks

PolyWorks® is the smart 3D metrology digital ecosystem™. As the first single-vendor enterprise solution, it supports all your manufacturing 3D measurement processes including:

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    Measurement planning by design and manufacturing

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    Measurement execution by quality control

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    Companywide sharing of 3D measurement data and results

Advantages of PolyWorks® Software Solutions

Advantages of PolyWorks® Software Solutions
  • Universal

    The first universal metrology & 3D scanning software platform which will interface with all major brands of hardware.

  • Increased Productivity and Profitability

    The complete inspection tool.

  • Efficient

    Interconnecting team members, minimising the chance for error and creating one seamless process.

  • Innovative

    Pioneering point-cloud inspection techniques for alignment, feature extraction and fitting automation.

  • Flexible

    Allows you to develop and deploy automatic inspection processes or guided operator-driven workflows for effective shop floor operations.

  • Powerful

    The most straightforward CMM sequencing workflow ever designed.

why choose polyworks®?

  • 18,700

    PolyWorks® customers in 99 countries

  • 98

    of the world’s 100 largest manufacturers use PolyWorks®

  • 4000

    PolyWorks® licenses owned by just 8 of the largest car manufacturers - and this number is only growing

our services

What we do

  • The only certified PolyWorks® training in the UK and Eire. Offering the opportunity to build your own training course tailored to your specific needs. You design. We deliver.



    We offer Polyworks® training

    Official PolyWorks® Training from the Master Distributor for the UK and Eire.

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  • Designed to enhance your knowledge and maximise your company’s potential, PolyWorks® Consultancy is all about delivering hands-on, practical advice to boost efficiency and productivity.



    We offer Polyworks® consultancy

    Boost efficiency and productivity with PolyWorks® Consultancy

    Hire a PolyWorks® consultant

  • Offering 3D scanning, inspection and reverse engineering services, our metrology team are renowned globally for their expertise and first-class customer service.

    Metrology Services


    Nationwide onsite metrology services

    Designed to assist you at any point in your project, tailored to your specific needs.

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