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Three Reasons Why I Love PolyWorks

Every great Engineer needs the ability to collect data and report this in efficient and timely manner. For me, PolyWorks is the best software for this and here are a few reasons why.

1. User focused software

A software that puts user experience first is essential when creating and carrying out a measurement plan or inspection process.

Unlike others, PolyWorks puts the user straight to the forefront. No matter what needs inspecting, whether it involves SPC, GD&T or a measurement feasibility study, on either a simple geometric part or a complex 3D shape, PolyWorks will guide you through the process, breaking it down to ensure both best practices are followed and the most accurate, reliable results possible are secured.

This major advantage demonstrates how PolyWorks continues to evolve to make things easier, better, and more powerful. Not only is it built around user experience, demystifying the most complex of tasks with user guides to ensure a speedy yet reliable result, it also presents such results in a clear and accessible format readily available to those requiring access. In addition, it even offers users an option to download the free PolyWorks|Talisman™ app, a smart remote-control allowing measurement specialists to operate PolyWorks|Inspector™ from a mobile device or tablet, removing those inconvenient, disruptive back-and-forth trips to the computer.

Put plainly, PolyWorks positions its users front and centre. It helps get things done quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring the result is not hindered in any way, shape, or form.

2. Universal

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find companies using multiple types of hardware to acquire highly accurate and reliable data. To switch and swap between hardware can be a nuisance but becomes palatable in the name of accuracy – we just accept it is part and parcel to get the best results possible. However, adding into the mix a variety of software packages to run alongside each doubles the workload, making for a very cumbersome process.

With PolyWorks, the need to jump between software and workspaces is eliminated. As the first universal metrology & 3D scanning software platform, PolyWorks interfaces with all major brands of hardware to enable users the choice of not only which brand (or brands) are right for them, but in addition goes one step further to deliver a smooth experience when hopping between types of hardware. Therefore, you can use a portable arm, then a CNC CMM or tracker all within one inspection project in PolyWorks. It really is that simple.

It's clear to understand why this is one of my favourite things about PolyWorks – you can focus completely on the job at hand, instead of the menial tasks involved in the lead up to this. In other words, it removes the work of work to allow us Engineers to concentrate on what we do best, and in doing so, speeds up the full process to boost efficiency and productivity.

3. Facilitates Collaborative Working

In the words of Henry Ford “coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”. If working as a team is the key to success, a software that not only facilitates this, but champions collaborative working is invaluable. The PolyWorks Collaborative Suite is built to support this, building bridges between teams regardless of communication barriers.

PolyWorks|PMI+Loop™ enables collaborative measurement planning between design Engineers and the manufacturing and inspection teams. Results that are then determined through the inspection team can be uploaded to PolyWorks|DataLoop™, where all teams who require access to this information can view it in accessible, customisable dashboards.

By interconnecting teams through PolyWorks software, we can wave goodbye to organisation silos as the whole enterprise is able to work together towards the end goal, instead of each team working independently from one another. Breaking down communication barriers is a certain way to speed up processes, from conveying requirements from design to inspection teams, to simple and clear reporting of data to all teams requiring access to this, the increased visibility and ease in transferring relevant information can help unify teams and prevent things grinding to a halt.

Last Words...

In a world of complexities, difficulties, and complications, PolyWorks strips this away to uphold clarity and traceability above everything else.

See what all the fuss is about by trialling PolyWorks software here.

Article by Darren Poynter, Engineering & Operations Manager