PolyWorks | Inspector™

PolyWorks | Inspector™

The 3D analysis and quality control inspection software solution. Gain control of your product engineering and manufacturing process.

About PolyWorks | Inspector™

PolyWorks|Inspector™ is the universal 3D dimensional analysis and quality control inspection software solution empowering you with the ability to:

  • Control tool or part dimensions
  • Identify and prevent manufacturing and assembly problems
  • Guide assembly building through real-time measurements
  • Oversee the quality of assembled products using portable metrology devices and CNC CMMs

Universal Inspection Software Platform

With just one inspection software to master, dramatically reduce your operational costs by increasing measurement specialist competency, eliminating metrology silos, boosting employee mobility and improving overall teamwork efficiency.

Complete Dimensional Analysis and Quality Control Toolbox

At the heart of PolyWorks|Inspector™ lies a powerful inspection engine with parametric data handling, certified mathematical algorithms, and extensive visual and audio feedback capabilities.

This enables Users to extract relevant information from measured 3D data, automate the inspection process when more than one piece is measured, structure the presentation of measurement results to assist and encourage enterprise-wide digital collaboration

Market-Leading portable metrology platform

Renowned for the power and stability of its direct hardware interfaces, PolyWorks|Inspector™ offers an extensive set of guidance technologies that the world’s largest manufacturing OEMs trust to implement efficient, precise and repeatable measurement processes for portable metrology devices.

High-productivity CNC CMM solution

PolyWorks|Inspector™ has reinvented the way inspection projects are set up and executed on CNC CMMs, within a flexible, user-friendly and efficient CNC CMM operational paradigm, similar to the one we offer for portable metrology devices.

GaugingProbingProbing ++StandardPremium

Single-point measuring device support for portable metrology

Single-point measuring device support for CNC CMMs

Point cloud digitiser support for portable metrology

Point cloud digitiser support for CNC CMMs

Measurement collection for digital gauges

Manual measurement data entry and visual checks

Real-time quality meshing and offline point cloud meshing

PolyWorks | Modeler ™ Light module

PolyWorks | AR ™ plug-in



IGES/STEP neutral CAD file translator

Part alignment toolset

Dimensional control toolset

Smart GD&T toolset

Reporting toolset

Simulation mode for offline project setup

Repeatable multipiece measurement workflows

Statistical Process Control toolset (SPC)

One-year Annual Support Contract (ASC) included


Native CAD file translators





Airfoil gauges





Feature Descriptions

  • Single-point measuring device support for portable metrology: all available plug-ins for articulated arms, optically tracked probes, laser trackers, manual CMMs and theodolites.

  • Single-point measuring device support for CNC CMMs: CNC CMM plug-in with direct communication with CMM controllers, plus I++ plug-in in CNC mode.

  • Point cloud scanning support for portable metrology: all available point-cloud-scanning plug-ins and import capabilities for a wide range of native point cloud file formats for laser line scanners, fringe-projection scanners, long-range spherical grid scanners and more.

  • Point cloud scanning support for CNC CMMs: laser scanning tool supported within the CNC CMM plug-in.

PolyWorks® Support

  1. The first year of your PolyWorks® Annual Support Contract (ASC) is automatically included with every license purchased
  2. After the first year, your PolyWorks® support contract is renewed annually

How to renew

A quote is automatically sent 2-3 months prior to your current maintenance expiry date. If your maintenance has lapsed and you would like to renew your contract, contact us now!

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