Advanced Metrology Software and Services in the Energy Sector

Our customers in the energy sector often deal with geometric extremes: large assemblies, such as power generators, that need to be measured with laser trackers, and small components with tight tolerances that require the use of close-range point cloud digitisers. Adopting our software and services has boosted their measurement productivity and enabled all engineering and manufacturing teams to gain access to metrology results.

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Elevate your energy processes with PolyWorks® software

PolyWorks® is the first single-vendor solution that supports all 3D measurement processes and tasks performed by industrial manufacturing organisations, from model-based definition for measurement planning in CAD software, to dimensional analysis, quality control, and reverse-engineering, up to the enterprise wide sharing of 3D measurement data and results.

  1. Energy
  2. Energy
  3. PolyWorks Training

    We provide training programs for customers interested in enhancing their proficiency and expertise in PolyWorks software. Our training sessions encompass a variety of subjects, including 3D scanning, part inspection, and reverse engineering. We offer both online and on-site training options, and our courses are adaptable and personalised to fulfill your individual requirements.

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  4. PolyWorks Consultancy

    At 3D Scanners we extend PolyWorks Consultancy services to assist our customers in maximising their software investment. Our team of proficient experts can offer recommendations and direction on how to employ PolyWorks software to enhance your procedures and streamline your workflows. Additionally, we can provide targeted training on specific features of PolyWorks, ensuring that you are extracting maximum value from its capabilities.

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  • 3D Scanning

    3D Scanning

    We utilise advanced 3D scanning technology to provide highly accurate measurements of various parts, assemblies, and structures. We use hardware that is designed to scan objects of all shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing us to create models with the highest level of accuracy.

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  • Part Inspection

    Part Inspection

    Our part inspection services guarantee that your parts meet all the essential specifications and requirements. We employ top-of-the-line equipment and techniques, such as 3D scanning, traditional inspection methods, and other specialised tools, to thoroughly examine your parts. Our experienced team meticulously inspects each part and swiftly addresses any concerns that arise.

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  • Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering

    Our reverse engineering services provide a 3D CAD model from an existing physical part or assembly. Our reverse engineering services allow us to recreate parts that may have been lost or damaged or to create modifications to existing parts. We use the latest hardware along with PolyWorks software to ensure that our reverse engineering processes are as accurate as possible.

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  • Customer Stories

    Customer Stories

    Our specialised bureau services, which include 3D scanning, are highly regarded in the market for their exceptional expertise, comprehensive knowledge, and steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction. We invite you to explore our case studies and discover how we have assisted numerous organisations across various industries.

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