What’s new in Polyworks 2022

PolyWorks | Inspector™ 2022

Inspect multiple pieces efficiently without CAD data

Guide feature measurement and automate feature extraction in the absence of nominal feature components:

  • Probe features on a first piece, then be automatically guided by the measured feature components of the first piece when probing subsequent pieces
  • Scan a first piece, use any interactive tool to create measured primitives from point cloud data, then convert all the measured feature components into measurement guides to guide feature scanning and automate the extraction of measured feature components on subsequent pieces
  • Inject a CAD model later in the process if desired, create nominal feature components and GD&T controls, and let PolyWorks | Inspector™ automatically propagate these changes to all inspected pieces

Accelerate feature extraction on a batch of highly deviated pieces

Leverage the PolyWorks | Inspector 2022 measurement guide technology to automate and speed up the extraction of measured feature components on highly and similarly deviated pieces:

    • Use feature extraction groups or manual selections to reliably extract measured feature components on a first highly deviated piece, then convert these measured feature components into measurement guides
    • Quickly extract the measured feature components of subsequent highly deviated pieces using measurement guides as reference geometries

Create smart first-article inspection reports within Excel

Quickly publish an AS9102 and PPAP-compliant First Article Inspection Report by measuring a piece from the first production run in PolyWorks|Inspector 2022 and automatically transferring the results to the provided FAIR template in Microsoft Excel.

Leverage new universal data hub for your digital processes

Ensure the digital interoperability of your CAD modeling, model-based definition, and 3D measurement solutions:

  • Import all GD&T control types from native CAD and QIF MBD files to guarantee digital interoperability with the product definition processes
  • Measure a dimensional control of a scanned or probed object with a more accurate device, such as a digital gauge, and inject the measured value in the object for reporting purposes

Enjoy usability enhancements

Benefit from improvements that increase user efficiency and simplify software learning:

  • Type a search query within the Options dialog box to quickly find the option you are looking for
  • Adjust the colour scale limits dynamically in the 3D Scene to accelerate the analysis of your data colour maps

Optimise CNC CMM probing sequences for the Renishaw PH20 probe head

Transform collision-free 3-axis CNC CMM sequences into optimal 5-axis sequences by efficiently integrating 5-axis moves and head touch probing.

PolyWorks | AR™ 2022

Improve your probing operator performance by deploying mixed-reality display technology

Experience getting visual guidance and feedback in front of your eyes along with menus offering common probing tools:

  • Measure correctly each time following the guidance geometry and measurement instructions overlaid on the inspected piece
  • Evaluate the outcome by visualising probed points, measurement results, and the digital readout in real time
  • Invoke common probing functionalities by using our instinctual user interface