IR4 Now Available!

New PolyWorks features for an enhanced and simplified user experience.

With brand new tools, plus improvements for CNC CMM and portable metrology users, PolyWorks has never been easier to use.

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      In today’s busy workplace, we are all searching for ways to save time and boost efficiency, without causing slippages or impacting on quality. But much too often things go wrong. Basic tasks turn into long, drawn out processes and nothing is as simple as it first seemed. That’s why it’s important to have a software you can rely on. One that promises smooth running and reliability. And, with the latest updates in IR4, PolyWorks continues to deliver on this whilst also taking steps forward in its quest to deliver a simpler, more convenient user experience.

      1. New, Powerful Search Tool

      Gone are the days of aimless clicks. Navigating around each PolyWorks product has never been so easy with the new, enhanced search tool. With over 700 choices across almost 145 pages and sub-pages, this feature is well overdue. Now, you can search within the ‘options’ tab to quickly find and select the tool you need, minimising the time taken to complete the task, as well as removing the frustration of going round in circles, not being able to find what you are looking for.

      2. Outstanding CNC CMM Collision Detection

      No one likes it when things go wrong. So, it’s important to look after those elements that are within your control. And with a simple update to your PolyWorks software, you can remain ahead of the game with its latest collision detection functionality. This improved feature now detects the approach and retraction of tactile probing measurements and considers the full measurement path for tactile scanning, letting you rest easy knowing that your probe will remain firmly on track and steering clear of any potential clashes.

      3. Ability to Switch Probe Tips & Reflector Diameters Within Feature Measurement

      Before, completing a full measurement in one go meant that there was no option to change probe tips or reflectors, and little room for errors. But now with IR4, PolyWorks lets you probe features in multiple steps, saving precious time and allowing wiggle room when unfortunate issues arise.

      4. Optional BETA Version of Event Triggers for Macro Scripts

      Macro scripts are useful when customising workflows and automating repetitive tasks. But these still require authors to complete repetitive tasks. With the BETA version of IR4, you can now easily associate macro scripts with interactive events without having to modify the Visual Layout using event triggers.

      An event trigger is an association between an event, or PolyWorks|Inspector operation, and the macro script that is to be automatically executed when that event occurs. This feature not only creates the option of removing boring, tedious tasks, but can also offer ways to improve your sequences by, for example, adding a requirement for users to enter a password before being able to delete objects.

      * Please note that this is a BETA version and further improvements will be available in later releases. *

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