Set Your Preferred PolyWorks|Inspector™ Floating License

PolyWorks|Inspector™ Tip

Would you like to optimize the use of floating licenses so that users automatically launch PolyWorks® with task-appropriate licenses, when available, instead of full PolyWorks|Inspector™ licenses? You can now preset the preferred license to use on the workstations of users who only need to perform probing or reverse-engineering tasks. Without limiting the usage of other floating licenses, this is the simplest way to configure a workstation to directly use a specific PolyWorks|Inspector license when opening or starting a project.

Step by step: To set a workstation paired with a portable probing device to start PolyWorks|Inspector™ Probing:

1. From the Workspace Manager’s main menu, choose the Tools > Options item. The Workspace Manager Options window is displayed.

2. Select the General page and locate the PolyWorks|Inspector license usage section.

3. Set Preferred license to Probing.

4. Click the OK button to save your changes and close the options window.

From now on, double-clicking any existing PolyWorks|Inspector project, or creating a new project from the toolbar icon, will start PolyWorks|Inspector Probing on this workstation while using this user account.

NOTE: The same procedure can be used to set a reverse-engineering workstation to start PolyWorks|Inspector™ for Modeler (previously known as PolyWorks|Inspector Scanning & Probing), by setting Preferred license to For PolyWorks|Modeler at step 3.